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top 20 worst nativity sets — whyismarko

a few years back i posted a long series of bad nativity sets. last year i grouped them all into one post, but it was really just a list of links to those older posts — which was unfair to you all. so… this year, i’m grouping all 20 of them into one long post! merry christmas all, and enjoy or be horrified by this weird collection of nativity oddness.


I present this as evidence that, while the birth of Jesus is one of the most significant events in history, it is not immune to being cute-si-fied to the point of nausea. These are hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

For Happiness Sitting in Church Beats Shopping at the Mall – MSN Health & Fitness – Depression

Can money buy happiness? No, and neither can spending money, suggest researchers from Ben-Gurion University in Israel. Their as-yet-unpublished study took a look at consumer shopping habits over the last three decades and compared it to participation in religious activities, and found that, among women, money makes us much less happy than going to church.


Further evidence that the accumulation of stuff isn't the route to happiness. From MSN: "A new study suggests that a decline in religious participation, and an increase in shopping opportunities could be making us miserable."

Scene from a Coffee Shop

I stopped by "It's a Grind" this afternoon just to grab a cup of coffee and do a little writing when I noticed a mother and her teenage daughter sitting at a table across from each other with their laptops opened back to back. They were arguing about something I couldn't hear and then alternately looking down at their keyboards. It got me thinking that this looked like some kind of high stakes game of "Battleship." As in:

"You're not going out tonight (E-4)." 

"Hit. You're so controlling (H-7)." 

"Miss. That's my job (E-5)." 

"You sunk my battleship. That's just like you, mom!" 

OK, I guess you had to be there…