Clergy Transition Workshops Scheduled!


Learn how to make a good move at the Your Next Move Workshop!

For all you pastors and church leaders who may be undergoing a clergy transition this year: I just scheduled a new set of clergy transitions workshops in the Denver area. Here’s the blurb and registration info:

The DS has just called, or the announcement has just been made to the church–the pastor is moving, and a new one is on the way. Whether you are the clergy making the move or the congregation receiving a new pastor, transition is a time full of both anticipation and anxiety.

Your Next Move is a workshop designed to help clergy and S/PPRC members develop intentional transition plans for those critical first months together, which can often make or break the new leader’s tenure. If you’re on the way to a new appointment or receiving a new pastor, this workshop could be the best thing you do to start well in a new season of ministry. Each participant will receive a binder with a wealth of information and an outline for developing a written transition plan that will help you start well together.

The workshop will be led by Rev. Dr. Bob Kaylor, who completed his doctoral work on clergy transitions and has a book on transitions coming out this spring. Bob has led this workshop for several years in the Rocky Mountain Conference and brings a wealth of expertise and experience to this important topic. Many churches in the conference have already benefitted from this planning workshop.

The workshop will be held twice: On April 13 at Hope UMC in Greenwood Village, CO, from 9:00AM to 3:00PM (includes lunch), and an abbreviated version of the workshop will be offered just before Annual Conference on June 12 from 9:00am to noon. Cost of the April workshop is $20 per person, which includes lunch and workshop materials. The abbreviated June 12 workshop is $15 per person, which includes materials. Choose which workshop best fits your schedule. Download your Transition Workshop registration today!

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