Feeding with 5,000 (pounds, that is)

Emergency food drive for Tri-Lakes Cares and victims of the Black Forest Fire

Food DriveWell, it’s already the Labor Day weekend. Hard to believe that summer has gone by so fast, even though we’ve had our challenges during this season with fires and floods. As we move toward autumn, we continue to remember those who have been affected by this summer’s disasters and pray for new hope as a new season unfolds. One of the ways we can continue to help is by keeping the food pantry shelves at Tri-Lakes Cares full. Right now, TLC has some extreme shortages on food staples, which is why this Sunday we’re beginning another emergency food drive for TLC during the month of September. I’d like to challenge Tri-Lakes UMC to donate 5,000 pounds of food–or to use a more biblically recognizable goal, we’ll call it “Feeding with 5,000” (pounds, that is). Download this pdf list of TLC Food Needs and take it with you when you go for groceries this week.

You can bring the items with you to Tri-Lakes UMC or drop them off at Tri-Lakes Cares, just use our church name (Tri-Lakes UMC) so that we can track how much we’re giving. You can also make a monetary donation by writing “TLC” in the memo line of your check and dropping it in the offering plate this week, or donate online here using the “Specially Designated” fund line and put “TLC” in the Comment section. I also invite my out of town readers to consider donating online so that you can participate in this important work.Let’s make this a great outpouring of love for our neighbors who continue to struggle after a great tragedy.

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