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Goodreader-app-review I recently started using an iPad (first generation "refurbished") in the pulpit, and it's been a great tool for preaching on a lot of levels. In this post, I review a few apps that any iPreacher ought to consider downloading to make Sundays even cooler:

1. Dropbox – A free dropbox account (dropbox.com) allows you to store files in the internet "cloud" for downloading on devices like your iPad. Download the free Dropbox app for iPad to access and organize your files. 

2. GoodReader – this is an awesome file reader for formats like Word and pdf. When I prep a sermon in Word on my Macbook, I save it as a pdf, upload it to Dropbox, then download it on GoodReader (which seamlessly interfaces with Dropbox). GoodReader allows me to organize files and gives me a platform for reading my sermon manuscript while flipping pages with the swipe of a finger. 

3. Logos – For those who have the Logos Bible software, this app is a very cool mobile Bible study companion. Need to check a Greek word between services? You have it at your fingertips!

4. Homiletics – You can access the whole library of sermons we've done in Homiletics right on your iPad.

5. Keynote Remote – If you have Keynote '09 on your Mac, you can connect wirelessly with this app and advance your slides with the swipe of a finger. Makes for really seamless presentations. I use this a lot for classes that I'm teaching.

6. Evernote – A great note-taking app for meetings and jotting down ideas and illustrations wherever you happen to be. 

7. Kindle for iPad – I love my Kindle for reading, but when I'm on the go and don't want to carry two devices, I can access my whole Kindle book library on my iPad. 

8. Dragon Dictation – Are you the type that likes to record your sermon ideas on a digital recorder? Dragon allows you to speak into your iPad mic and it will transcribe (mostly) your words into text. Very cool, especially if you don't feel like typing on the iPad's somewhat sensitive touch keyboard. 

9. Weather Channel – In Colorado, we're always looking at the weather, especially on Sundays when it could be snowing in June. The Weather Channel app gives me quick access to the forecast while wondering who's going to show up on Sunday morning.

10. MileBug – I love this app for keeping track of my professional mileage. I just enter the info for each trip and then email myself a report at the end of the month. 

You can access all these apps in the App Store on iTunes!

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