Romans: The Road Less Traveled

New Sermon Series Begins Sunday, January 5

Series LogoIn the first century world, it was no exaggeration to say that “all roads lead to Rome.” Rome was the center of the empire, the capital of commerce, and a symbol of power that still echoes in the modern world. One of those who took the road to Rome was the apostle Paul, but rather than go to marvel at the might of the empire, Paul confronted Rome with the news that the world’s true Lord didn’t live amidst the temples and marbled halls of Caesar’s palace. Instead, Paul preached that the true king of the world was a crucified Jew who was also God in the flesh. It was to a small community of Jewish and Gentile believers that Paul wrote his greatest exposition of the Christian faith: The Letter to the Romans.

Many of us learned read Romans more like a shortcut, using a few verses to construct a “Romans Road” theology of how individuals can get into heaven. But like any shortcut, taking out just a few verses of Paul’s great treatise on the Christian faith can cause us to miss the greater journey and destination of faith to which the gospel calls us. When we  explore the whole map of Paul’s theology of Jesus, Israel, salvation, justification, and community, however, we discover a road that not only invites us to consider our own salvation, but also God’s saving plan for the whole creation. Romans was the key biblical text that brought John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, to a new and dynamic faith in Christ, and it can do the same for us. During this series we’ll discover how the truth of the gospel can call us to a new life and reconciliation with God and each other,  just like it did to those in Rome and millions of other Christians since Paul put pen to paper.

Join us for an epic journey through the foundational truths of Christian faith as we take the Romans road less traveled beginning on Sunday, January 5 and running through March 2. You can read the sermon texts here on the blog, or listen to them here.

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