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Bathsheba and the Paradox of Promise

Fourth in the series “Wonder Women of Advent”

2 Samuel 11

We have come to the fourth Sunday in Advent and the fourth of our “Wonder Women” from Jesus’ genealogy. So far, we’ve looked at the troubling story of Tamar, who went around the law in order to obey the law and get justice for herself and her family; we’ve looked at Rahab, who demonstrates faith in Israel’s God and acts out that faith, becoming an example that even the writer’s of the New Testament hold up for all of God’s people. Last week, we looked at the story of Ruth—a woman of worth (hayil) who does the right thing in the midst of a corrupt and broken society. These are powerful women, unlikely women, who point us to the coming of Jesus.

Today’s Wonder Woman, however, is perhaps the most enigmatic of them all. In Matthew’s genealogy, she is known only as “the wife of Uriah” who bears Solomon, the son of King David. Why does he not call her by name?

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