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Written On Our Hearts – The Gospel and Reform

Jeremiah 31:31-34; Galatians 1:1-12

We have reached the conclusion of our series on Reform, but as with most things related to reformation, the end is really only the beginning. Once we learn the cycle of reform, we begin to look for the new future God wants to bring to his people and we anticipate what life might look like within it.

The life cycle of a revival reminds us that we are always in process. If we look at Josiah’s reform, we see how it conforms to the historical patterns we see throughout history. Revival begins with the Word of God stoking the fire in a leader, who in turn brings it back to the people. That is usually followed by significant growth in large numbers as people respond to the Word. Those numbers then require some necessary organization that leads to institutionalization and bureaucracy—usually the beginning of the end of revival. Eventually, that institutionalization leads to stagnation and death—to dark times awaiting another movement of revival.

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