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My book on planning for clergy transitions has just been released by Seedbed, the publishing house of Asbury Theological Seminary. The book is perfect for pastors and congregations going through a pastoral transition and offers some really helpful ideas for planning for an effective transition. Chapters include:

1. A Theology of Transition

2. Leaving Well

3. Creating a Transition Team

4. Researching the Congregation

5. Shooting for Early Wins

6. Communication During Transition

7. Building the Leadership Team

8. Maintaining Your Balance.

You can order the book through Seedbed by clicking here. The book is a quick read, designed as an easy start-up reference that can be given to members of a church’s personnel committee and both the incoming and outgoing pastors. We’ve also put together a webinar that goes with the book that can be accessed as a training session for pastors and congregations to work through together. You can order the webinar here and watch it any time.

Here’s the official blurb for the book and a few endorsements from some respected church leaders:

The announcement has just been made: the pastor is moving! Whether you are the pastor making the move or part of a congregation receiving a new pastor, transition is a time full of both anticipation and anxiety. Your Best Move: Effective Leadership Transition for the Local Church is designed to help pastors and congregations develop an intentional transition plan for those first critical months of ministry together. The key transition tasks outlined in this book will help you create momentum and move the focus of pastor and parishioners toward a great future together for the work of God’s Kingdom.

Dr. Bob Kaylor is Lead Pastor of Tri-Lakes United Methodist Church in Monument, Colorado, and the Senior Writer for the preaching journal Homiletics. He leads workshops on clergy transitions and preaching and he blogs at

“Too often we have looked to the corporate world on transitions. Look no more! Kaylor has given us a sound theology on which to understand and act. The Biblical examples are quite a surprising read in the context of transition and the principles applied today. Every church leader needs this guide. This is a great contribution to the health of the church today.”
 Jo Anne Lyon
General Superintendent
The Wesleyan Church

“A pastor has only one chance to make a first impression upon a congregation, thus the enormous importance of those first few months in shaping what follows. This practical and insightful book offers a path toward creating a fruitful relationship between pastor and people. Bob Kaylor has offered a valuable resource to the church, which has the potential to improve both the quality and duration of appointments. This book should be required reading for all clergy in transition.”
 –Dr. Melanie Rosa
Mile High Pikes Peak District Superintendent

“A practical antidote to the unintentional missteps made by churches and pastors during transitions that lead to needless hurt and loss of momentum. The helpful toolbox at the end provides resources that really work! Way to go Dr. Kaylor! I’m giving a copy to all the pastors moving in and out in my district!
–Gary Brooks
Wichita East District Superintendent

“Bob Kaylor has spoken succinctly, clearly and insightfully to perhaps the single greatest factor that creates healthy clergy and healthy congregations—good transitions of leadership! . . . I truly believe that every itinerant spiritual leader and local congregation could benefit greatly from a serious read of this small gem!
–Al Gwinn
Bishop, Retired

Please contact me for further information or to schedule a workshop or consultation on your transition. It could be your best move!

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